Capone Ink Bali Studio Hygiene

Hygiene is Paramount

At Capone Ink Bali, ensuring our clients enjoy a safe, exceptional, and world-class tattoo experience is our top priority. As the premier tattoo studio in Indonesia, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality service and products.

Operating under the strictest safety protocols, our standards align with the stringent compliance regulations followed in Australia. Our management team is tertiary qualified in Australian Work Health and Safety, and our hygiene practices adhere to the latest guidelines set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in Australia.

We utilize the finest quality disposable tattoo equipment and are committed to using superior inks and tools. We continuously collaborate with global brands and conduct product research to maintain our industry-leading standards. We ensure excellence across all facets of our business and never compromise on quality. As leaders in the industry, we embrace the responsibility this entails and pride ourselves on maintaining world-class hygiene standards that match the excellence of our tattoos.

Continual learning and improvement are integral to our operations. Our in-house workplace trainer and assessor, certified under Australian Legislative Regulatory requirements, ensures our team is trained in the latest best practices and standards, maintaining a highly sterile environment without exception.

Safe, Sterile Environment

Our customers are the cornerstone of our business. We treat each individual as part of the Capone Ink family. Trust is crucial, especially in tattooing. Whether it's a small or large piece, our priority is to optimize each customer's experience. A Capone Ink tattoo is a lifelong memory, and we recognize its significance from start to finish.

We employ staff dedicated to ensuring all workstations, equipment, furniture, and personnel are continuously disinfected. Capone Ink Bali is a pioneer in maintaining sterile environments, setting international standards with a steadfast commitment to creating a safe, sterile, and comfortable space for all customers. All equipment, including items beyond disposable needles and grips, is thoroughly disinfected.

We wrap all equipment with plastic to eliminate any contamination risks every time a new customer enters the workspace, even for stencilling and design.

Our world-class tattoo artists are thoroughly trained to follow these procedures and work closely with our hygiene managers to uphold Capone Ink's standards.

Hygiene Standards and Best Practices

Here is an overview of the hygiene practices you can expect at Capone Ink Bali Studio:

  • All needles, tubes, grips, and inks are disposable and opened at the start of each tattoo session.
  • All equipment is protected by plastic wrapping and replaced after each session.
  • Furniture is covered with protective plastic sheeting and replaced after each session.
  • All staff, artists, and managers thoroughly clean and disinfect their hands using automatic hand sanitizer dispensers, followed by donning new, unused protective gloves before and after each session.
  • Designated cleaning staff meticulously clean all areas at the beginning and end of each day, as well as between each customer, ensuring a contamination-free environment.

At Capone Ink Bali, we are unwavering in our commitment to maintaining the highest hygiene standards to provide you with the safest and most enjoyable tattoo experience.