Capone Ink Bali Official Price List

Tattoo Services:

Full Back: $3,000 (Over 3 days)

Full Leg: $2,500 (Over 3 days)

Full Sleeve (Arm): $2,000 (Over 2 days)

Full Chest: $1,300

Full Stomach: $1,000

Full Ribs (One Side): $800

Half Sleeve (Arm): $1,000

Half Leg: $1,300 (Over 2 days)

Half Chest: $700

Large Size Tattoos: Starting at $600-$700

Small - Medium Size Tattoos: Message us for a quote.

For small or custom tattoos please message or come in to the studio for a accurate quote. And for group bookings message so we can organise a time for you all to come and get your work done.

Note: Prices are marked in AUD (Australian Dollars). We accept both Australian Dollars, Indonesian Rupiah and card at a %3 service charge.